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Checkology - Misinformation VIDEOS

Click on the image above to access this learning module. 

Once you get to the screen shown in the image above, click on the 8th little circle, as highlighted with the arrow. 

View the video for each of the five types of misinformation listed on the left (Satire, False Context, Imposter Content, Manipulated Content, and Fabricated Content). 

After viewing each of these five videos, move on to the next activity. 

Checkology - Misinformation ACTIVITY

Complete this Misinfo Quest at

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adapted from the CRAAP test created by the Meriam Library of California State University, Chico

CRAAP Test Jigsaw Activity -- can be used with classes

You can have students evaluate an information resource that already exists in your curriculum. Students can look at just one part of the CRAAP test. Or, you can do a think pair share with each group/pair looking at a different part. For example, using the articles below half of the class could look at JUST authority, while the other half could look at JUST accuracy. 


#1)  Deformed daisies found growing near Fukushima nuclear plant

#2)  Are ‘Mutated’ Daisies Really Caused by Fukushima Radiation?