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Virtual Reality apps with video content on a wide variety of topics


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Tips and Suggestions

Students will need to use their own phones with the Virtual Reality goggles.

We prefer using the YouTube app for watching VR videos.  Students can download this from the app store if they don't yet have it. • • • • Click on the VR icon to make the YouTube video play in VR mode.  Search YouTube for virtual reality videos to find more. 

If you want students to use a video from one of the other apps, you should instruct them to download the video the night before you want to use it in class.  It will likely hours to download the video at school. 

NYT VR Playlist

Vivid Memories Of Tule Lake Internment Camp

A survivor of a maximum-security Japanese internment camp recalls his experience at Tule Lake in Northern California. See what remains of the camp in this 360 video.

The Desert is Blooming

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is experiencing a rare super bloom. See it up close in 360° video.

Genocide’s Legacy: Preserving Auschwitz

Nazi Germany’s largest death camp is under construction in order to preserve the memory of the Holocaust.

Life on Mars: Preparing for the Red Planet

Six people are living in isolation for eight months on a volcano in Hawaii as part of a NASA funded study to simulate a colony on Mars. 

The Fight for Falluja 

Experience firsthand the battles Iraqi forces endured to retake the important city of Falluja from ISIS.