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American Studies - Summer Reading: 2019

Summer Reading

Your summer reading task is to read a book by a Native American author or about the Native American experience. Below is a list of suggested titles. If you would like to read something that is not on the list, please email one of the American Studies teachers to have your title approved before you start reading it:,,

Note: Some of these books have mature or disturbing content. If you have questions or would like us to help you choose a book that’s right for you, please email any of the American Studies teachers.

As you read your book, please consider the following questions:

  • Which character(s) or scene(s) in this book will stick with you? Which of the author’s moves make these figures or moments memorable?
  • To what extent does reading a book about a culture different from your own create empathy or alienation in the reader?
  • What aspects of the American experience does this book celebrate? What aspects of the American experience does this book critique?

Please annotate in any way that is helpful for you and be prepared to discuss your book with classmates in the opening days of the semester.

Native American Novels

Native American Novels