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FMP Orientation: Guidelines

Student Guidelines

Respect your peers’ learning

a.  Students must be working to use the ILC

b.  Keep your voice at a respectful noise level 

c.  Respect everyone’s right to accomplish study
     and work goals

d.  Turn off cell phone ringers        
Snack and drink carefully
a.  Food and covered drinks are allowed
b.  Place all trash in receptacles
c.  Please, no cafeteria trays
d.  Beverages and containers must have covers
e.  Finish all food and drink before borrowing laptops or using
     a desktop
Respect your ILC facility
a. Return text books, laptops, and iPads to
    designated areas
b. One student per seat
c. Keep feet off furniture
d. Report broken or missing items
e. Return furniture to its proper place
f.  Keep the facility clean
Reserve breakout rooms
a. Doors remain open
b. Rooms are available on a reserved basis only
c. Media rooms are to be used for collaborative
    projects or classwork