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Digital Books, Magazines and Newspapers: eBooks & Audiobooks


There are two different apps you can use to access the ILC's Digital Library:    

   Overdrive                             Sora  


If you've used the Overdrive app before and you like it -- stick with it! 

If you've never used either one -- try Sora (it's a little easier to use)!

The OverDrive app

Download OVERDRIVE from the App Store!


If you've never used Overdrive before, follow the steps below to sign up in the Overdrive app.  

If you've already signed up for Overdrive, you can jump to box # 5 

1. Download the Overdrive APP

Find the Overdrive app on your iPad 

or download it from Self Service

2. First Time Using Overdrive? You must SIGN UP

3. Enter Your Information

4. Add a Library


5. Select Your School


6. Log In to the Digital Library

-- Click "sign in" to access titles from the ILC's Digital Library

Staff & faculty sign in differently than students. See box further down page.

7. How STUDENTS log in to Overdrive

Use your Infinite Campus username & password to sign into the ILC Digital Library  

8. How Faculty and Staff log in to Overdrive

Faculty and Staff -- Use your Infinite Campus username & the following password: stevenson125 

9. Downloading Books to the App



Reading Your Books

Use the three-bar menu to find the BOOKSHELF

From your BOOKSHELF, you can read or listen to your book

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Need Help? Ask a Librarian!

the SORA app

Sora App Icon

Download Sora, an OverDrive App from the App Store!

Find Adlai Stevenson High School in the Sora App

Sora Opening Screen



Search for Adlai or Stevenson to find our school! 

Log in to the SORA app


When you're ready to browse for books, click the Explore button to enter the ILC Digital Library!

Your Book Shelf

Click or tap on the SHELF button to find and read the books you've checked out.

Login Information

For both OVERDRIVE and SORA -  

Students log in with their INFINITE CAMPUS username and password. 

Faculty logs in with their INFINITE CAMPUS username and the common password: stevenson125


Need Help? Ask a Librarian!