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NOTE: The country of Swaziland was renamed Eswatini in 2018 - it might be called either in your research

Librarian Suggested Web Links

Average Daily Sunlight  - search for a country, then choose a city near your GPS coordinates

African Grass Guide 

African Tree Guide

Google Search Tips

Research Tips:

1) When you locate your GPS coordinates on a map, note the Country you’re in AND look for the name of a National Park or Preserve near your location.  

Then, Google the name of that park for more specific information about that area.


2) Switch up your search terms! 

If you first try "Etosha National Park" + "plants" and don't find what you need, try different terms: 

"Etosha National Park" + "vegetation" 

"Etosha National Park" + "grass species" 

"Etosha National Park" + "flora"