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Post-World War II: Resources

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Library of Congress

Sample citation for a photograph from the Library of Congress.

Works Cited

Lang, Dorothea. Migrant Worker in Camp: California. 1939. Photograph. Library of Congress, Washington, DC: Library of Congress. Web. 11 Nov. 2012.



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Post-War America (1945-1960)

The Truman Administration
GI Bill
Returning Soldiers & the Labor Movement
The Baby Boom
The Rise of the Suburbs
Early Civil Rights Efforts
Post-War Economy
Nuclear Revolution
Popular Culture & Domestic Life
Foreign Espionage Cases
Red Scare
Religion in Post-War America

Post-War World (1945-1960)

Occupation of Japan
Occupation of Germany
War Crimes Trials
Marshall Plan
The United Nations
The Global Economy
Formation of the Organization of American States
Independence & Partition of India & Pakistan
Formation of Israel
Communist China

Vietnam War (1945-1975)

Vietnam Before U.S. Involvement
Early U.S. Policy on Vietnam
Gulf of Tonkin Incident
Major Battles of the Vietnam War
American Forces in Vietnam
Vietnam War Peace Negotiations
Fall of Saigon
War Atrocities

Eisenhower Era (1953-1961)

Eisenhower Administration
Salk Vaccine
Interstate Highway System
Beat Generation
Kitchen Debates
Nuclear Politics
Hungarian Revolution
Suez Crisis
Cuban Revolution
U-2 Spy Plane Incident
23rd Amendment: Voting in Washington, D.C.
Eisenhower's Farewell Address

Korean War (1950-53)

Leading up to War
Major Battles of the Korean War
Chinese Intervention
MacArthur vs. Truman
Korean War Peace Negotiations

Rise of the Cold War (1950-1980)

Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech
Truman Doctrine
National Security Act
U.S.-Soviet Relations
Rise of the Superpowers
Nuclear Proliferation
Death of Stalin

Kennedy Era (1961-1963)

  1960 Election
New Frontier
Peace Corps
Space Program
Bay of Pigs
Berlin Wall
Cuban Missile Crisis
Fear of Nuclear War
Kennedy Assassination

Civil Rights Movement (1950-1970)

Scottsboro Trial
Brown v. Board of Education
Montgomery Bus Boycott
Little Rock 9
Civil Rights Acts
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Congress of Racial Equality
Greensboro Sit-in
Freedom Rides
Mississippi Riot
Murder of Medgar Evers
16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
March on Washington
March in Birmingham
March on Selma
Watts Riot
The Government's Response
Malcolm X
Black Power Movement
Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated

Turbulant 60's (1960-1969)

Lyndon B. Johnson
Johnson's Great Society
The Warren Court
The 25th & 26th Amendments
The Rise of Rock & Roll
Peace Movement
The Counterculture
Hispanic-American Rights
Gay Rights Movement
The 1968 Election
Moon Landing

NIXON ERA (1969-1974)

Kent State
Attica Riots
Nixon Abandons the Gold Standard
Nixon's Foreign Policy
Nixon's Visit to China
The Pentagon Papers
The 1972 Election
Agnew's Resignation
Nixon's Resignation

SEVENTIES (1970-1979)

Ford Administration
Jimmy Carter & His Legacy
Energy & Inflation
The Environmental Movement
Popular Culture in the Seventies
Growth of Christian Evangelical Movement
Roe v. Wade
Native-American Rights
Global Events
Camp David Accords
Iran Hostage Crisis


Reagan Era
Mariel Boatlift
AIDS Epidemic
Reagan's Foreign Policy
War on Drugs
Economic Issues
Savings & Loan Scandal
George Bush Administration
Tienanmen Square
Invasion of Panama
End of the Cold War
Gulf War
Environmental Issues
Space Exploration

THE CLINTON YEARS (1993 - 2001)

Clinton's Battle with Republicans
Presidential Scandals
Janet Reno
Economic Prosperity
Globalization & International Trade
Peace Accords
Growth of Women's Sports 

MILLENNIA and BEYOND (1999 - 2005)

Y2K Scare
The Disputed 2000 Election
September 11th Terrorist Attacks
War in Afghanistan
War in Iraq
Global Warming