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Dante's Inferno: Image Resources


Step One: Click the link above to enter the ARTstor database

Step Two: Select the Advanced Search link under the search box

Step Three: Enter "Divine Comedy" or Dante in the first search box and then enter 

the following artists' names into the next search box (one at a time): 

Gustave Dore



This advanced search should result in images based on Dante's Divine Comedy.

Obviously, you may search for other topics among these images as well, such as 

"Medieval Church" or "Dante Alighieri"

ARTstor Citation Format

To cite an image from ARTstor:

1. Click on the caption below the image

2. You will need the following information from the chart that pops up:




Repository (Name of Institution / Museum & Location)

Name of database you're using (in this case: ARTstor)

Today's date

3. Create the works cited entry by following the format below:

Artist's last name, first name.  Title of the artwork (italicized). Date. The repository

      or institution where the artwork is located, the city where it is located.

      ARTstor. Web. Date you accessed ARTstore. 


Fuseli, Henry. Head of a Damned Soul from Dante's 'Inferno.' 1770. The      Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago. ARTstor. Web. 19 Oct. 2011. 

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