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New Zealand & Maori Research: UNFAMILIAR LOGIN SCREEN?

AP Themes - The Bone People



- If you see a different error message, such as this one:




Go to this link: 

Log in with your SHS Gmail   

Then go back to the link that first gave you trouble and try it again. 



- If the solutions above don't work, try clearing the browser's "cache" or "history"


1. On your iPad, go to the SETTINGS

2. Scroll down to find SAFARI in the left-hand column

3. Tap to open the Safari settings. In the right-hand column, scroll down and tap on "Clear History and Website Data"

4. Go back to the search box or to the link that initially gave you trouble and try it again



- If none of these solutions work...

You may need to search for the article again in the ILC Search box.

Try searching for the "title of the article" (using quotation marks)

Make sure to copy the PERMALINK for the article once you find it again -- that should prevent this problem from happening again in the future. 

Email Mrs. Gorman ( or Mrs. Lopez ( for help!