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New Zealand & Maori Research: Resources

AP Themes - The Bone People

Maori Carving

Maori Carvings. Photography. Encyclopædia     Britannica Image Quest. Web. 4 Dec 2012.


Database Resources

To SAVE an article you find through any of these databases, you can use the EMAIL icon to send yourself a copy. PLEASE NOTE:  if you choose to copy and paste the URL for an article, you MUST copy the CORRECT LINK ! 

See these screenshots to find the CORRECT URL for any database you use.   

Website Resources


1. Enter your search terms 

2. Under the search bar, click settings and choose Advanced Search

3. Enter your search term(s) and then scroll down to the box:  “Search within a site or domain” 

4. Type .nz  (the country code for New Zealand)  

5. In your results, look for URLs that use .govt or .org just before the .nz  (these will be government or organization websites from New Zealand)

Additional Useful Websites: