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Age of Exploration: Resources


Google Sides Test #2




John's link|CX2875100213


Gale's Bookmark link


Jami's test AFTER Toni made proxy change in Gale Admin

Child Labor BOOKMARK only



FROM GALE (without auto "auth") (with auto "auth")



SIRS article:







SIRS, athenized with removed:



Gale NEW "link" with xid.... on end and athenized

Gale NEW "link" WITHOUT xid.... on end and athenized


Lion link: world book:

Lion link:  Encyclopedia Britannica: 8.26.19

Selma  ABC-Clio  Link:


Gale Landing Pages:



JSTOR test links:  10/19/18

link from before mid-March, when CQ document URLs changed:

stable URL from JSTOR after tech support sent the new link to "fix" JSTOR



Salem Test



New culturegrams link



JSTOR links from 10/22/18


JSTOR Jami's test 10/22/18


Jami's tiny stable URL test 10/22/18


Ebsco History Reference Center (from URL bar)


Record URL -- issues and controversies


Nat Geo -- bookmark


Nat Geo -- athenized bookmark



test 9.9.19

 World News Digest - Access URL athenized

before being athenized:

SEE Email draft for potential idea to fix if this athenized link doesn't work on 9.10.19 

video test