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Sea World & Orcas

My family is taking a vote about where to go for our big vacation this year.  My brother really wants to take a trip to Sea World in California.  But a law was recently passed about Orca whales being bred and performing shows in captivity.  Lawmakers agreed that captivity is bad for the whales, but SeaWorld will still keep them and use them in shows for several years until the ban goes into effect.  Should I vote to go to Sea World?  Or should I boycott Sea World because it still keeps Orcas captive?

I Need a New Car - Should I Buy a Hybrid?

My uncle wants to buy a new car and is considering buying a more environmentally friendly car.  At first glance, however, he wondered if this was the right impulse as hybrid and electric cars are really expensive compared to many traditional gas-fueled cars. Are they worth it? Should I buy a hybrid / electric car or a gas-fueled car?

Police & Body Cameras - A Good Idea?

The mayor of Chicago recently implemented a plan for every police officer in the city to carry a taser, in an effort to reduce the number of police shootings.  The state of Illinois must now decide if it wants to expand the policy to include body cameras.  Should police officers in the state of Illinois be required to wear body cameras?  


Drones are an interesting, new piece of technology with exciting possibilities.  You like the thought of getting your pizza delivered more quickly and having the police solve crimes at a faster pace, however, wonder about some more pressing issues: is it safe for drones to be flying around? Would separate road-like pathways need to be created for safety? As well, could the government use them to spy people? What should be the future of drones and how should we proceed?

Fantasy Sports Gambling -- Should it Be Legal in Illinois?

The Daily Fantasy Sports Regulation Act (HB 4200) was proposed in the Illinois General Assembly in April to ban gambling on online Fantasy Sports sites.  Should you be allowed to spend real money to play Fantasy Sports games online in Illinois? 

FIFA Corruption - Should FIFA Have New Rules?

FIFA, the organization that holds the keys to the world's most popular sport, has been exposed for taking bribes and engaging in other corrupt practices.  As a fan of soccer, what action should you take?   What are issues in supporting the world cup, a tournament put on by FIFA?

Tanning Beds - Proposal to ban tanning beds for minors

For Winterfest and Prom, many teens get tans in tanning beds the weeks before the dance.  Recently, however, there has been talk of banning teens from tanning salons due to cancer risks.   Is this too much government regulation?   Should teens be allowed to do whatever they want or should the government impose tighter restrictions for their protection?   

Meat or No Meat?

I care a lot about the environment, and I think it's important to stop global warming and protect the earth.  My friend tells me that I'm a hypocrite if I remind everyone to recycle but I continue eating meat.  Is this true?  Should I stop eating meat if I'm an environmentalist???

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