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Visual Literacy TKAMB: Sample Photo

Sample Photo Analysis


  • Describe what you see

  • What do you notice first? What draws your attention most?

  • What people and objects are shown? Are there words that stand out?

  • How are people and objects positioned in relation to everything else in the photo?

  • What color, contrast or shading do you notice? 


  • What is happening in the image?

  • What conclusions can you draw about the person or people in this image? What might the person(s) they be thinking?

  • What is the effect of the coloring or contrast on this image? What does it make you think?

  • When do you think this was made?

  • Why do you think this image was made? What does the photographer want you to understand?


  • What questions does this photo raise in your mind?
  • Based on this image, what issues do you think might be addressed in the book?