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The New York Times: How to Access


The ILC offers Stevenson faculty and administration full online subscription access to The New York Times. 

Simply create an "Academic Pass" account with your school email address, and you will be able to access your subscription via and the nytimes mobile apps, both at school and at home. (With NO paywalls!)  


To learn how to get your Academic Pass, watch this video or read the instructions below.

To access your Academic Pass to, follow these steps:

1.     Go to

2.     Create a free account using your school email ( address.  

3.     You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen

4.     Now you can enjoy seamless access to, and NYT mobile apps just by logging into your account from any location, on or off campus.

5.     Download NYTimes. mobile apps at

Already have a registered account using your school email?

- Visit
- Log into your account.  Your existing account will merge with your new Academic Pass. (If you currently pay for your individual subscription, cancel it!)
- You have successfully claimed a Pass when you see the Start Your Access screen.

Tip: Remain logged into your account on your iPad to have seamless access to and mobile apps for the duration of your Pass. Visit to view your Pass eligibility and expiration timestamp at any time.



Unlimited access to is available to everyone while IN-SCHOOL, without login or registration. Simply go to through any web browser, on any device, and read.  This subscription model is meant for students to easily access the NYT in your classroom. 

This subscription model does not allow access through the app or from outside of school, so teachers should use the Academic Pass model for full access, anywhere. ______________________________________________________________________

Some Options and Limitations:

  • Those without the Academic Pass can choose to register at with an email address:  by registering, students can SAVE articles to read outside of school at a later time.
  •  Archive access: provides access to Times articles from 1851 to the present, with the exception of articles between the dates of 1923 to 1980. (1923-1980 articles available through ProQuest)


Please feel free to contact Toni Gorman or Jami Lopez with questions or for help getting started.  Happy Reading!   tgorman@d125  /